Using award-winning products and the experience of the therapists at The Fig Tree spa, you can be exclusively pampered from the range of treatments we offer.
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We use Aromatherapy Associates pre-blended oils for all of our massages, this aids the effect of the treatment depending on which oils are selected to enhance the experience

Full body massage                                     60 mins                               £65.00
A class Swedish body massage

Back, neck, and shoulder massage   30 mins                               £40.00  
Focused massage on the most stressed and tense areas of the body

Indian head massage                              45 mins                               £50.00
A back, neck, shoulder, scalp, and face massage utilising pressure points to promote a sense of well-being

Deep tissue massage                                60 mins                               £65.00
A very deep massage designed to relieve intense muscular tension

Aromatherapy massage                          75 mins                               £74.00
A deeply relaxing and uplifting massage to restore harmony to the mind, body, and spirit

Rose body cocoon                                      90 mins                              £86.00
A full body exfoliation followed by massage with gels, creams, and oils to relax, nourish, and hydrate

Inner strength full body experience  90 mins                              £86.00
The inner strength oil blend is used in conjunction with melted paraffin wax to fortify, focus and uplift the mind, body, and spirit 

Hot and cold stone therapy massage 75 mins                             £86.00
Basalt stones are heated and placed on particular areas whilst the body is massaged with a mixture of hot and cold stones to promote well-being and deep relaxation

fake bake greyFake Bake 60 minute spray tan            20 mins                            £33.00
Bronze your skin with a sunless Fake Bake spray tan for a flawless complexion and glow, the longer the tan is left on the deeper your tan will be giving you freedom to choose your sun-kissed colour

Reflexology                                                    45 mins                            £50.00
A relaxing type of foot massage that helps balance the energy centres of the body

HOPI ear candles                                          45 mins                            £40.00
A relaxing and decongesting treatment for the head, ears, and sinuses 

Ear piercing                                                    15 mins                             £30.00
Using the Caflon gun method with after care solution


Full Leg Wax                                                   £40.00

Three Quarter Leg Wax                              £31.50

Half Leg Wax                                                   £22.00

Basic Bikini Wax                                           £21.00

Higher Bikini Wax                                       £26.00

Brazilian Bikini Wax                                   £36.00

Hollywood Bikini Wax                                £46.00

G String Wax                                                    £32.00

Eyebrow Wax                                                  £10.00

Lip or Chin Wax                                            £10.00

Back and Shoulder Wax                             £32.00

Forearm Wax                                                 £20.00

Underarm Wax                                              £15.00

Lip, Chin and Eyebrow Wax                    £29.00

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