Continue to indulge your skin after your treatment at The Fig Tree Spa and incorporate Aromatherapy Associate products into your regime for beautiful, glowing, and healthy skin. 
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Bath and Body


Experience tranquility and peacefulness from the Relax Collection, the most beloved innovation by Aromatherapy Associates. Using the properties of camomile, lavender, and vetivert, the collection successfully eases a tired body and mind.

Relax Candle 100% GM Free - £36.00
Relax Massage Oil 100ml - £42.00
Relaxing Bath Box - £35.00
Relax Body Wash 200ml - £26.00
Deep Relax Balm 7ml - £19.00
Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil 55ml - £45.00
Relax Light Bath and Shower Oil 55ml - £45.00


Soothe and revitalise your mind and body with a blend of highly active essential oils such as frankincense which has an array of health benefits including relieving stress, anxiety, and boosting the immunity system. 

De-Stress Muscle Gel 150ml - £24.00
De-Stress Body Wash 200ml - £26.00
De-Stress Muscle Oil 55ml - £45.00
De-Stress Mind Bath and Shower Oil 55ml - £45.00
De-Stress Frankincense Essence 10ml - £27.00


The Revive Collection offers an energy boost, and rebalances the mind and body in preparation for the morning or the evening. A blend of grapefruit, juniper, and rosemary essential oils provides a caffeine-free alternative for those who wish to stimulate and refresh themselves ready for the day ahead. 

Revive Candle 100% GM Free - £36.00
Revive Body Wash 200ml - £26.00
Revive Morning Bath and Shower Oil 55ml - £45.00
Revive Evening Bath and Shower Oil 55ml - £45.00
Revive Body Gel 200ml - £33.00

Inner Strength

A blend of essential oils are combined to provide different products that offer support and uplifting tendencies. The Inner Strength Collection uses clary sage, frankincense, and cardamom to help you find strength and positivity during difficult times.  

Inner Strength Candle 100% GM Free - £36.00
Inner Strength Body Oil 100ml - £42.00
Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil 55ml - £45.00
Instant Inner Strength 10ml - £15.00


For the moments in life where extra support is needed, eucalyptus, pine, tea tree, and peppermint essential oils are blended to combat cold and flu symptoms, soothe irritated or sensitive skin, and balance the effect of hormonal pressures.

Indulgence Candle
Support Breathe Essence 10ml - £19.00
Support Lavender Pure Essential Oil 55ml - £45.00
Support Breathe Bath and Shower Oil 55ml - £45.00


Pamper your skin with the richest and most nourishing ingredients to immediately help your skin become supple and smooth. Each product intensely conditions and deeply penetrates to indulge both your skin and your senses, providing a luxurious experience. 

Enrich Body Butter 200ml - £49.00
Enrich Body Scrub 200ml - £49.00
Enrich Body Oil 100ml - £39.00
Enrich Massage and Body Oil 100ml - £39.00


Rose oil based, a combination of skin softening botanicals and floral waters help the skin to become radiant, smooth, immediately glowing, and beautifully fragrant.  

Renewing Rose Massage and Body Oil 100ml - £42.00
Renewing Rose Body Cream 200ml - £36.00
Renewing Rose Body Wash 200ml - £29.00


Rose Infinity 

A collection of ground-breaking age defence skincare, using the latest technology in extraction of powerful natural ingredients including soy and yeast proteins and stem cells from the rarest plants to create formulations that deliver results in just 3 weeks.

Rose Infinity Eye Cream 15ml - £69.00
Rose Infinity Serum 50ml - £127.00
Rose Infinity Moisturiser 50ml - £109.00


Packed with super active anti-ageing ingredients, this collection is designed promote collagen and increase elastin production to visibly plump, smooth and firm more mature or very dry skin. Anti-ageing oils used include evening primrose and ximenia.

Instant Skin Firming Serum 30ml - £53.00
Fine Line Face Oil 15ml - £53.00
Rich Repair Nourishing Cream 50ml - £67.00
Overnight Repair Mask 50ml - £59.00
Rich Repair Eye Cream 15ml - £50.00
Intensive Skin Treatment Oil 15ml - £50.00


Inject life into dry and dull skin with the Hydrating Collection by Aromatherapy Associates. Hydration is maximised with highly nourishing botanicals and moisture boosting essential oil blends, ensuring dewy and refreshed skin. 

Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser 50ml - £58.00
Rose Radiant Skin Serum 50ml - £41.00
Renewing Rose Cleanser 200ml - £26.00
Rose Skin Tonic 200ml - £26.00
Rose Exfoliating Cleanser 100ml - £28.00
Rose Face Mask 100ml - £38.00
Nourishing Face Oil 15ml - £45.00
Revitalising Face Oil 15ml - £45.00


Mattifying botanicals and oil balancing essential oils help regulate the over production of oil, enabling the skin to correct its balance and become perfectly toned. Ylang ylang, orange flower water, and aloe vera balance excess oils to create an even complexion. 

Mattifying Skin Serum 50ml - £36.00
Mattifying Refining Face Oil 15ml - £45.00
Mattifying Deep Cleanse Face Mask 100ml - £38.00


Effective skincare without the discomfort. Gentle hydration and resistance is established to provide radiance and all day environmental protection with a free-from irritation promise. Camomile, safflower ceramides, and the soothing qualities of arnica work in harmony to calm the skin. 

Soothing Cleansing Balm 100ml - £38.00
Instant Skin Soothing Serum 200ml - £47.00
Soothing Daily Repair Moisturiser 200ml - £55.00
Soothing Face Oil 15ml - £47.00
Soothing Treatment Mask 100ml - £55.00
Soothing Skin Tonic 100ml - £32.00


Diminish the signs of ageing and boost cell renewal with no harsh abrasives. Long lasting results are achieved by fruit acids of pineapple, passion flower and grape working together to remove dead skin cells while carrot oil, rich in Vitamin E and anti oxidants, helps to diminish the signs of ageing. Skin is left beautifully glowing and with an even tone. 

Polishing Essential Enzyme Peel 50ml - £41.00


Aromatherapy Associates Hand Wash 300ml - £20.00
Aromatherapy Associates Hand Lotion 300ml - £20.00
Ultimate Bath and Shower Collection 9 x 7.5ml - £50.00
Bath Jewels - £28.00
Ultimate Bath Jewels 10 x 7.5ml - £55.00
Rose Deluxe Trio - £29.00
Indulgence Candle 100% GM Free - £36.00
Joy Candle 100% GM Free - £36.00